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Make a Difference!We are looking for extraordinary individuals who are driven to make a dent in the universe. Join us if you are ready to:

Unleash Your Potential.

Join us if you are self-motivated and possess an insatiable hunger for personal and professional growth. We empower our colleagues to scale new heights, by providing an ecosystem which helps them realize and unlock their true potential. At Open Brackets, you will be part of a team that thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.


We value individuals who can inspire, energize and engage with others through their exceptional communication skills. Whether it is crafting captivating content, delivering impactful sessions, or nurturing client relations, your ability to communicate effectively will have a profound impact on the lives we touch.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Join us if you are an entrepreneur at heart and thrive in a fast-paced and an ever-evolving environment. At Open Brackets, we foster a culture of innovation and initiative. We believe in empowering our colleagues to take ownership, make bold decisions, and drive positive change. Your entrepreneurial spirit will be the catalyst for our collective success.

Engage in a Global and Progressive Environment.

Join us if you want to work in a global environment that celebrates diversity and embraces different perspectives. At Open Brackets, we collaborate with talented professionals from around the world, enabling us to create learning solutions that resonate globally. We value diversity, moreover, we are committed to creating a progressive and inclusive workplace for ourselves as well as for our client organizations.

Be Extraordinary. Join the OBL team.