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Consciously Community Centric

Protecting the OutdoorsCultivating Eco-Consciousness

Both our co-founders at Open Brackets are passionate about outdoors and nature at large. We conduct several of our corporate offsite sessions in the wild, and ensure that topics related to sensitivity towards nature and our environment become an integral part of these learning sessions.

We are closely associated with individuals and organizations, who have made forest protection their life’s mission. One such example is of Sunando Sen who is positively impacting the ecology and tribal community in and around the Corbett National Park.


We keenly partner those who desire to make a social impact and not just chase profits. We recognize the crucial role this generation of Sociopreneurs will play in shaping the future of not just our country but also our planet.

Open Brackets has launched an initiative specifically to service Sociopreneurs, called “Coaching Credits.”

Through Coaching Credits, we provide the necessary coaching and mentoring support to Sociopreneurs and equip them with the skills, tools, and mindset to accelerate their growth journey. In exchange for this support, we ask for their time in the future, when they can appear at our events to inspire our audience by sharing their experience.

Our partnerships with “Make Love, Not Scars“, which focuses on rehabilitating acid-attack victims and “Story for Glory“, an aspiring journalists and content creators’ talent hunt initiative, are examples of our commitment towards this initiative.

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Contact us to learn more about the above community outreach initiatives.